River Onion Gallery

125 Waitangi Wharf Road



This unique A-Frame, nestled on the Waitangi shoreline, was built in the 70s and is truly a sight to savour. It has been refurbished and bought to life in a retro manner that takes you back in time. The character is only enhanced by the furnishings and country-style garden. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this truly distinctive and charming gallery.

The Boardroom

This beautiful room overlooking the bay is the perfect setting for any meeting. Coffee and catering are available upon request. Please enquire about bookings.

The Library

This room is great for a quiet read or just to take some time out. You can read and return or swap a book. The choice is yours.

The Wardrobe

Wander thru the door to a room of new and pre-loved wardrobe wearables.
Always a bargain to be found here!

The Kitchen

Enjoy the best coffee the Island has to offer accompanied by a sweet treat or a little something more on Saturdays.

Opening Hours

When the coffee flag is out!