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Gallery Product

Soy Wax Candles

These beautiful candles are made from scented soy wax and are an aroma to awaken any senses. 

Chatham Island Lily, Rēkohu Rose, Kopi Fire, Manakau Mist and Frangipani.


Francie Kemp Artist

These amazing pencil sketches bring paper to life with her attention to detail.

Shark, Paua, Kina, Blue Cod

(Portrait or Landscape)

Framed or Print only.


Chatham Windsheer

These wool jerseys are the best there is. The Chatham Islands 'Unique' Logo makes them stand out in any crowd with the gold on blue.

Vests, Jerseys, Hats and Rugby Tops


Chatham Island Raw Honey

Our bees are Voroa and AFB disease-free, and our honey comes to you raw from the hive. You won't get anything purer than this.


Chatham Beach Art

These gorgeous, hand selected shells are a beauty to behold. They have been polished and either framed or bottled . The perfect bathroom adornment.



Photography for everyone!

Canvases, Prints, Placemats and Coasters, Keyrings, Mugs, Framed Tiles and more.

All sizes available and postage anywhere in New Zealand!

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