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Gallery Services

The Boardroom

This beautiful room overlooks the bay and gallery garden.

The perfect place to hold a meeting or a small gathering. The table seats 8 with more seating available. 


The Library

If you like reading, then this is the place for you! This amazing library has books galore. All authors and genres. Read-and-return, swap-a-book, or just a gold coin donation if you want it for keeps. The choice is yours in every way.


The Garden

Take a wander thru this truly eclectic little piece of paradise. Right on the waterfront, this garden has much to offer. Find your own quiet place and listen to the sound of the waves or just enjoy the peace. 


The Wardrobe

What a place to behold!!! A true bargain to be had by all. Nothing better than fossicking thru pre-loved clothes and shoes. This closet is a gem - sustainable shopping at it's best!!


The Kitchen

Enjoy the best coffee the Island has to offer, accompanied by a sweet treat or a little something more on Saturdays and Sundays. Catering available.


The Gallery

Take your time as you meander through this quaint little A-Frame. Each room has something different to offer and the decor is one of a museum-type style. Grab a coffee and enjoy all this charming little gallery has to offer.

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